A magnificent architecture that caters to the needs of the present educational system is situated amidst a serene and peaceful environment.


Christ Academy Library is extensively built and maintained knowing the importance of reading and adding knowledge through books. It has a vast collection of books ranging from novels, magazines, periodicals, CDs to reference books. The Library is secluded for peaceful reading and comfortable seating arrangements add to this.

Seminar Halls

Spacious, comfortable seminar halls are available for student, staff and guest lectures. They are equipped with state-of-the-art smart boards, sound and engineering technologies to ease the learning experience.


The college provides hostel facilities for those students who need to leave their homes for educational cause. Christ Academy supports these students and provides them with Christ Academy Boys Hostel for the Boys and Carmel Villa Girls Hostel for the Girls. Students have to strictly be compliant with the rules and regulations of the hostels and are expected to be disciplined in their behaviour and deeds during their stay at the hostel.


A neat and clean Cafeteria works in the most efficient way.


‘Pray with your eyes on God’. A prayerful ambience is kindled at the Chapel. The Chapel allows praying and speaking with God in silence. Feeling the presence of God while meditating in the Chapel maximizes spiritual growth.


The lab equipments make learning easier for students as scientific theories become easier when practically done. The educators believe that these labs impart to the students the skill of observation and research, concept, cognitive ability, understanding and interest. The Labs- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Labs – are places where students of Christ Academy, get hands on experience on their subject. The labs are equipped with state-of-the-art scientific instruments and safety measures.


A well equipped Gym functions especially for the health conscious body builders.