Interactive Boards

Every class is equipped with a smart board that makes every learning session interactive and useful.

Orientation programs and training

The Junior College students are exposed to Personality Development and Leadership training programmes. They are also introduced to Orientation programmes that give deep insights on the career that the students look forward to.


Weekly Science and Commerce seminars are conducted giving equal opportunities to all the students to participate. These seminars detail on the subject of study and improve presentation skills of the students. External faculty visits enhance the subject of learning.


A supportive and confidential counseling department with able and experienced psychologists look into the emotional quotient of students. The team takes up career guidance programmes and life skill theories to motivate and show a defined career path. Their listening skills and direction to decision making is of great use to our students.


The sprawling and spacious playground facilitates sports activities that are a part of the curriculum for students. Cricket, Basketball, Football and Volleyball have separate courts. Physical Trainers identify sportive players and team players and render them strong coaching to bring out the best. The trained students participate in various competitions and bring laurels to themselves and to the Institution.